Food & Beverage

The food and beverage producers have to manage the balancing act between the high demands at favourable prices from the point of view of the trade and at the same time the increased standards in production. Today’s trend towards healthy, vital nutrition means that qualitative adjustments (HACCP) have to be made to the production process and the production environment. Standards, some of which were previously used in life science & pharmaceutical companies, are increasingly part of production expansions and new planning in the food and beverage industry.


Our services

Supply chain consulting

  • inventory management
  • supply concepts
  • network planning
  • Organization & structures
  • In & outsourcing
  • change management

Logistic engineering

  • operational concepts
  • warehouse planning
  • material flow solutions
  • factory planning
  • general planning
  • realization management

Process & IT Management

  • process design
  • IT architecture
  • Specifications & technical concepts
  • process simulation
  • test management
  • migration management

More than just food & beverage

HPMlog works with you to develop a logistics concept that takes into account hygiene and handling requirements, seasonal fluctuations on the procurement and sales side, and the sometimes very strict FIFO/FEFO specifications. We support you in the correct conception of your cold chains, batch and empties management as well as in the selection of the appropriate distribution structure. Furthermore, we develop topics such as hygiene concepts, material and personnel locks as well as sample drawing in the production process for food & beverages. During operation, we support you in the introduction and realisation of the concept so that ideas become tangible solutions.

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