Machinery and plant engineering

Technological progress in manufacturing and new products in mechanical and plant engineering require constant optimization of plant layouts as well as the expansion of overlapping manufacturing networks. Specialization and adjustment of the vertical range of manufacture require not only layout adjustments, but also in many cases new supply and provision strategies.

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Our services

Supply chain consulting

  • inventory management
  • supply concepts
  • network planning
  • Organization & structures
  • In & outsourcing
  • change management

Logistic engineering

  • operational concepts
  • warehouse planning
  • material flow solutions
  • factory planning
  • general planning
  • realization management

Process & IT Management

  • process design
  • IT architecture
  • Specifications & technical concepts
  • process simulation
  • test management
  • migration management

Optimise material flow in machine and plant construction in production and assembly

We design your new production system. Whether it is the introduction of Kanban, the establishment or optimization of production warehouses or the material flow-optimized redesign of an entire production and assembly. In addition to the technical equipment of your production and finished goods warehouses, we also plan the logistics control and possible supplier integration.

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