Retail & E-Commerce

The transparency of the markets provided by the Internet intensifies competition. Customer service is becoming a decisive competitive factor. The driver of the service is the logistics. The increased competition is affecting both stationary retail and the growing e-commerce business. The distinction is becoming increasingly difficult. Individual retail sectors, such as fashion, face particular challenges in managing their returns processing.


Our services

Supply chain consulting

  • inventory management
  • supply concepts
  • network planning
  • Organization & structures
  • In & outsourcing
  • change management

Logistic engineering

  • operational concepts
  • warehouse planning
  • material flow solutions
  • factory planning
  • general planning
  • realization management

Process & IT Management

  • process design
  • IT architecture
  • Specifications & technical concepts
  • process simulation
  • test management
  • migration management

Efficiency and reliability are mandatory – improved customer service and speed are optional

The use of automation in logistics, retail & e-commerce is traditionally measured in terms of productivity rates. However, automation is increasingly used to increase process reliability, fail safety and scalability. We plan a manufacturer-independent, optimal, technical material flow and storage solution for you. In this way we improve the service to the customer or to the branch, for example with solutions for order picking that is suitable for the shelf.

Supplier cooperations in retail & e-commerce require adjustment of the supply chains

Network structures are exposed to new requirements and need to be adjusted as a result of closer integration of suppliers into branch supply, cross-dock concepts and range-related reassessments of direct and third-party business. We bring the right methodology and toolset with us to lead such projects to measurable success.

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