Spare parts logistics

The challenge in spare parts logistics is to improve the service level despite the steadily increasing variety of parts and thus ensure global availability of parts. Companies’ efforts to achieve this are rewarded in the high-margin service and spare parts business. Good spare parts management also binds customers to the company and secures market share in the long term.

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Our services

Supply chain consulting

  • inventory management
  • supply concepts
  • network planning
  • Organization & structures
  • In & outsourcing
  • change management

Logistic engineering

  • operational concepts
  • warehouse planning
  • material flow solutions
  • factory planning
  • general planning
  • realization management

Process & IT Management

  • process design
  • IT architecture
  • Specifications & technical concepts
  • process simulation
  • test management
  • migration management

From strategy to implementation

HPMlog supports you in developing a spare parts strategy that does justice to the individual company and sales strategy. Using mathematical methods, we determine an optimal distribution network that meets the service requirements of spare parts logistics and depicts the right mix of centralization or decentralization. On this basis, we plan optimal location concepts with sustainable warehouse equipment. With the right operating concept and the well-founded make-or-buy decision, we support you in the service provider and transport tender. We accompany your project until the successful ramp-up and thus ensure that the deadline, budget and quality goals are achieved.

Keep spare parts logistics and ongoing spare parts business transparent with inventory strategy

We meet the challenge of a growing variety of parts with an inventory strategy tailored to your company. If the variety of spare parts is low, we also examine the extent to which it makes sense to separate the spare parts business from the series business from the point of view of economy and service.

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