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Project task

As part of a factory planning process, HPMlog has developed a logistics concept for gradual implementation, according to which the interaction of production and logistics is optimised in terms of layout and processes. The now centralised inventories are reduced and a continuous flow of materials and information is introduced.


Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Our services

  • Record actual material flow and processes
     Extrapolate quantity structure according to future growth, taking into account internal projects, e.g. implementation of new machines
  • Create concept requirements catalog for the areas WE/WA, sample train, central warehouse, connecting corridor and airlocks and identify initial optimization potentials
  • Optimize entire factory layout
     Reorganization of the area functions, including drug grinding and storage as well as central automatic palletizing
  • Develop sample train concept (cabin equipment, automation, ventilation / laminar flow and buffers) in connection with the introduction of scanner use in the WE (target processes, documents / labels used, interfaces and hardware)
  • Develop airlock concept taking into account the different clean room classes (buffer stocks, repalletising, expansion and automation)
  • Dimension central warehouse (warehouse form, automation and on-site requirements GRZ, BMZ)
  • Estimate the implementation effort (dates and costs) for the developed logistics concept
    Modification requirements during operation and staged concept

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