Food & Beverage


Project task

As part of a factory planning process, HPMlog develops a flexible, future-proof logistics concept. The focus of the concept is on the optimal linking of the production sites with the Pack Center. The subsequent integration into an SCM concept of the entire group of companies is to be taken into account.


A company in the field of food processing and milk refinement

Our services for plant planning

  • Record requirements, restrictions and developments for factory planning at the site ( building, property and infrastructure)
  • Carry out as-is analysis (processes, throughput and capacities) and extrapolate data in the period under consideration
  • Create concept requirements catalog
  • Select technical systems (automation, call-off control and operator model) and estimate costs (investment and operation)
  • Compare requirements for packing & logistics centre with existing property, greenfield site, actual situation updated and evaluate concept variants (utility value analysis)
  • Detail preferred variant
  • Coordinate growth scenarios and expansion stages

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